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  • Are the Original Marathon t shirts for sale - cotton?
    Yes, they are cotton. They did not have tech t shirts in 1908, so we thought everyone would like to stay traditional :)
  • Is there a baggage service?
    Yes, small bags will be transported to the finish - free of charge. We kindly ask our participants to only bring essentials in their bag. All bags for the baggage service must be 'small'. No hard cases allowed.
  • How do I log into my Active account?
    To logon you'll need your email and password you set for your Active registration. Please use this guide. To login to your Active account, please click here
  • Is the route marked?
    Yes, the route is marked and the details of which will be briefed in the pre-run briefing. A GPX file will be shared pre-event and you have the option to run with optional Pace groups (at various pace levels). If you decide to run in a pace group, our Pacers and your fellow runners in that run group may help make this a social experience, as well as a bucket list challenge to complete.
  • What happens if I take a charity place?
    If you select a charity place, you'll get half price entry in the agreement that you fundraise a minimum of £350 for Aspire. Aspire is a national charity who offer support to the 50,000 people in the UK paralysed by Spinal Cord Injury, so all the funds you raise make a huge difference to their work.
  • How much is it to enter?
    The entry fee is £69.99 per place for the 75 event places, but you can enter for half this price, by taking a charity place. All finishers will receive a replica 1908 medal and presentation box.
  • I am not an entrant but I'd like to buy some merchandise
    If you haven't entered but would still like to buy some merchandise - please enter the event as a spectator and the merchandise options will be available. You can choose to have the items sent to you in the post, if you wish for a £5 postage fee. All items will be send within 1 week of the event.
  • Can I fundraise for Aspire if I don't take a charity place?
    Absolutely! Any funds you raise will help support people paralysed by Spinal Cord Injury, so anything you raise is greatly appreciated and makes a huge difference. The Aspire team are here to support you, so please email for more information.
  • Can I buy more merchandise after entry?
    Yes, you can. Simply log into your Active account (see below) and click Purchase merchandise. Some merchanidse is limited in stock and may have sold out.
  • Where and when was the first ever 26.2 mile marathon?
    The first ever 26.2 mile marathon was in the London 1908 Olympic Games. The route ran from Windsor Castle to the White City Stadium in Shepherd's Bush, London. Original Marathon is recreating this historic route and run. Many may have heard of the myth of Pheidippides and his run as a messenger in ancient Greece. This story was the inspiration for Baron de Coubertain (founder of the Modern Olympics) for creating the marathon event. There was no marathon in the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece, but the story was well known and a great inspiration for a new sporting challenge. The very first Olympic Marathon was in Athen 1896 at the inaugural Games, and it is only one of 8 events that has been ever present ever since. The first marathons were of varying distances, until London 1908, which set the now global standard for the marathon distance.
  • Can I get a refund or defer?
    We operate a flexible policy. If you buy a place and can no longer attend, you can transfer your place to someone else (if completed before 3 weeks prior to the event). There is a transfer fee of £15. If you are unable to transfer your place to someone else, then if you contact us before 3 weeks prior to the event, we will cancel your place and offer you a priority entry to the next event, along with a discount on the entry fee. Any merchandise purchased by you is non refundable and will be posted to you (sent to the address given in your entry), if you are unable to attend the event.
  • Is there a medal?
    Absolutely! We have commissioned a replica medal from the London 1908 Olympic Marathon Race. The medal is a very cool coin, set it it's own presentation box, also a replica of what was awarded in 1908.
  • When does the Original Marathon start?
    The starts are arranged by pace group. The first start will be around 11:30am. You will be notified of your start time/group closer to the event date. The first ever 26.2 mile marathon (1908) started at 11:30am, so we're keen to replicate as many of the features of that race as possible.
  • Is there a cut off time?
    Runners have up to 6 hours to complete the course, with the end of the event planned for 17:30
  • Is the route identical to 1908?
    Mostly, yes. There are some small sections where roads have been built in the last 115 years, which do not have footpaths, where we will deviate very slightly from the route. Also it is worth noting that Original Marathon will be over 26.2 miles. The original 1908 route was on closed roads, whereas Original Marathon is not. We will at times need to navigate roundabouts by crossing at pedestrian crossings etc, which can each add a small amount of distance. As a result, this is unlikely to be a PB course, but it is definitely a course to tick off and the medal, presentation box and Diploma of Merit are extra special momentoes of your achievement.
  • Where can I enter?
    The direct entry to Original Marathon is via this link. However, to read more about the event go to our home page
  • What are the parking, travel and getting to/from the start/finish arrangements?
    Original Marathon is an A to B route - Windsor Castle to White City, so you'll need to consider how you either get to the start or back from the finish. If you are driving - you can park in Windsor and get public transport back, post-run. Or park in White City and travel to the start by public transport. The start times are from 11:30am, so there is plenty of time to get the start on time if you are parking at White City. We will have a baggage service, travelling from the start to the finish, so you have the ability to give us a small bag to carry for you to collect at the finish in White City. These bags need to be tagged with your race number. The start location is Church Street Gardens, Windsor, SL4 1PB (or What3Words ///walks.tight.sheep). The start is just 0.3 miles from Windsor and Eton Riverside station, and just a tiny bit further from the adjacent Queens Car park (Windsor SL4 1QG). If you park at the finish, you can park at Westfield - more info here. Car Park A is open from 5am to 3am. The Westfield Shopping Centre is open 10am to 9pm on Saturdays. Getting to the start: Windsor is well serviced by trains, roads and buses. We recommend using public transport, where possible. There is ample parking in Windsor - please checkout the parking info here. Trains to Windsor: AM: There are 8 trains from Clapham Junction to Windsor on the morning of the event. Journey time is from 43 Mins. If you park at teh finish (Westfield), the overground train from Shepherd's Bush to Clapham Junction will be a useful connection. These generally run every 15 mins and take just 12 mins. Another way to Windsor by train is via the new Elizabeth Line. Travel from White City or Shepherds Bush, west to Ealing Broadway via the Central Line. Then via the Elizabeth Line to Slough (please note that Oyster Cards are not valid past Hayes and Harlington, so you'll need a ticket. You can then either get a train to Windsor Central (takes 6 mins) or a bus to Windsor.
  • Who are the charity Aspire?
    Every four hours someone is paralysed by Spinal Cord Injury, and there is no cure. Disability is expensive, so Aspire offers practical help to people with a spinal cord injury to support them in living independently. For more information please visit or get in touch at
  • Is the event closed road?
    No, unfortunately not. We have recreated the 1908 route, but as I'm sure you can understand, for 75 entrants, we are not able to close the roads. The route will be marked and on footpaths. The route is a recreation of the 1908 Olympic marathon, the first ever 26.2 mile marathon. Our route, due to not being on closed roads and due to some road/footpath changes is slightly over 26.2 miles.
  • Will I get a time?
    Yes. Every participant will get a time. There are different wave starts, based on your predicted speed, as submitted on your entry. The event is a paced run but you're welcome to run outside of your allocated pace group. Your finish times will be listed and also compared to the finish times of the 1908 race. Results will be published and shared.
  • When will registration open?
    Registration is now fully open. If you want to register your interest for a future event - register your interest to be first to hear when our future events open
  • What happens if I join a pace group but don't want to run at that speed?
    We recommend that you choose a pace group that you can comfortably keep with. You do not have to run with a pace group - you will be given a GPX file pre-event and the route will be marked. However, if you want to run quicker than the pace group, you can. If you want to run slower than the pace group, you can also. Most pace groups will be arranged so that the group behind are paced at a slightly slower group than the one ahead, so dropping back to join the group behind is possible and that will enable you to keep to a slightly slower pace. Not all pace groups will have this ability to drop back (ie the quickest pace group will be the last to start), but the majority of runners will have this ability.
  • Do I have to run with my pace group?
    No, you can run outside of your allocated pace group if you wish. We do recommend that you run with at least one other runner for safety purposes. The route is marked to assist anyone who is not in a pace group. Our guides know the route and will also be able to show you points of interest along the way. We encourage entrants to submit a realistic and reasonable pace (ie not equivalent to your marathon PB) as this is not a closed road event and road crossings are made at pedestrian crossings.
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