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Original Marathons I to VII:

There have only ever been 7 events run on the route of the first ever 26.2 mile marathon. The 8th event is planned for 8 March 2025.

Here's a run through of the first 7 events on this famous course:

Original Marathon I

1908 - the original and the best. The London 1908 Olympic Games and a famous race that helped give marathon running world wide attention, and makes stars of its runners. 75 entrants, 55 starters and 28 finished, one of which was disqualified. A baking hot day in July, a start at 11:30am meant the participants ran through the heat of the day. Italian Dorando Pietri enters the stadium in the lead, goes the wrong way, falls five times, crosses the line first, but is disqualified as officials had helped him to his feet. American Johnny Hayes is awarded gold. But Dorando captures the hearts of the UK public, leading the Queen to award gim a special trophy.

Original Marathon II

A legacy event of the London 1908 Olympic Games is created (the Polytechnic Marathon) - named after the running club that was responsible for the original route. However, the course is changed from finishing at the White City Stadium, to finish at Chelsea FC's Stamford Bridge from 1909 to 1932. The next event on the famous course was 1933 - Sam Ferris (Eng) wins his 8th and final Poly Marathon, having won in 8 of the previous 9 years.

Original Marathon III

1934, the 3rd running of the route sees Duncan McCleod Wright (Sco) wins his second Poly Marathon, the first being 10 years earlier before Sam Ferris's domination

Original Marathon IV

1935, Albert Norris wins his first of 3 Poly Marathons.

Original Marathon V

1936 Albert Norris wins again in 2:35:20

Original Marathon VI

1937 Albert Norris's hattrick is complete - 2:48:50. From 1938 the Poly Marathon changed route agin, finishing at the club's Chiswick stadium.

Original Marathon VII

The next event on the route of the first EVER 26.2 mile marathon, was 80+ years later in 2024. A group of 75 entrants, mirroring the original, started from Windsor Castle, ran through Eton, Slough, Uxbridge, Ruislip, Harrow, finishing at the exact location of the finish line of the White City Stadium

Original Marathon VIII

Will you run this route on Saturday 8 March 2025? Enter today.

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