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Welcome to Original Marathon?

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Runner getting ready to run
Female runner

Run the Original Marathon – the first EVER 26.2 mile marathon. Welcome to London’s newest, oldest marathon!

The first marathons had varying distances but a famous race changed all that: The London 1908 Olympic Games marathon ran from Windsor Castle to The White City Stadium, finishing in front of the Royal Box. Dorando Pietri (Italy) entered the stadium in the lead, went the wrong way, fell 5 times, crossed the line first but disqualified as officials had helped him. Sympathy for Dorando led the Queen to award him a special cup. The 26.2 mile distance was finally ratified in 1924 and has been the global marathon standard distance ever since.

A legacy event (Polytechnic Marathon) was established following this famous race and is STILL the longest running European marathon. The event ran from 1909 to 1996 and boasts 8 world records set on its course.

The Original Marathon is back and your chance to run in the footsteps of legends

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